Knee Protection Program Registration Form

Knee Protection Registration
Knee Protection Program

DJO Global is proud to stand behind the efficacy of the DonJoy bracing line by offering the world’s first and only Knee Protection Program. If a new patient re–ruptures their reconstructed ACL while wearing a properly fitted custom Defiance/ Defiance III or A22 within 1 year of purchase, DJO will pay a surgical insurance deductible up to $1,000.

Our two most popular prefabricated braces; Armor FourcePoint and FULLFORCE, are included in the Knee Protection Program. DJO Global will pay a surgical insurance deductible up to $750. Same patient requirements apply as stated above

The brace must be purchased and registered within six months of surgery. The program is subject to full terms and conditions of the offer. NCAA Athletes are not eligible and the program is available only in the U.S.