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The Power Of Titanium

The perfect balance of weight, strength and profile.

Titanium Facts
  • Immune to corrision
  • As strong as steel (45% lighter)
  • 2x strength of aluminum
    (relative to thickness)
  • Non-magnetic


Patented DonJoy FOURCEPOINT Hinge

Resistance engages in last 25° of extension
Increased flexion angles
Helps keep knees out of the at-risk position
Improved joint mechanics and symmetry between both knees


Aerodynamic integration of straps and liners reduces overall profile which facilitates comfort, speed and cadence.

  • Women are 2-10× more likely to injure their ACL
  • A person who has torn their ACL has a 15× greater risk of a 2nd acl injury
  • Risk of ACL Injury to the opposing knee is that of the reconstructed knee
  • 60-80% of all ACL Injuries are non-contact
  • 50% of all ACL Injuries occur in 15-25 year olds

Environmental Protection

Anti-microbial coating neutralizes odor while increasing comfort and soft goods longevity.


Uncompromised engineering delivers the World’s first titanium brace striking the perfect balance of weight, strength and profile


Cushioning cells absorb shock, promote stability and proper fit.