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Surgical Videos



  • ICJR Live Surgery with Match Point and RSP
  • AltiVate Reverse Surgery
  • Interview with Mark Frankle, MD
  • RSP Drill Guide Pearls
  • AltiVate Reverse Surgical Tech Animation
  • RSP Surgical Technique – Post operative Management
  • Monoblock Surgical Procedure with Dr Mark Frankle
  • ICJR Live Surgery - Reverse TSA featuring Match Point with Dr. Patrick St. Pierre

Anatomic Total

  • Surgical Turon 2 Humeral Exposure cut
  • Surgical Turon 3 Humeral Preparation cut
  • Surgical Turon 4 Glenoid Prep Implant cut
  • Surgical Turon 5 Humeral Head Implantation
  • Surgical Turon 6 Final Reduction Closure cut
  • Dr. Frankle Altivate Anatomic Surgery
  • Turon Total Shoulder– Preoperative Planning
  • Surgical Turon Post Operative Management

Patient Specific

  • Match Point System Video
  • VuMedi Match Point System
  • RSP Match Point Case


  • Alians Proximal Humerus Plate Surgical Technique Pearls featuring Dr. Mighell
  • Monoblock for Fracture technique with Dr Mark Mighell
  • Reverse Shoulder Replacement for Acute Fracture by Dr. Levy
  • Proximal Humerus Features and Surgical Technique Animation


  • Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty for failed Arthroplasty Mark Frankle, MD


  • Exprt Revision Knee Surgery with Dr Meneghini


  • Empowr - Beach Cycle
  • Empowr Rotate - 30 Seconds
  • Empowr 3D Knee Surgery with Dr Meneghini
  • Empowr 3D Knee with Gap Balancing - Dr McBride
  • 3DKnee Patient Testimonial
  • 3DKnee Rationale – Scott Banks, PhD – Part 1
  • 3DKnee Rationale – Scott Banks, PhD – Part 2
  • 3DKnee Surgical Technique: PCL Sacrificing
  • 3DKnee Surgical Technique: PCL Retaining– Dr. Ferro
  • Dr Banks - Empowr 3D Knee 101
  • Foundation Knee Design Rationale – Dr. Longo
  • Dr Browne - Clinical Best Practices
  • Foundation Knee Surgical Technique
  • Dr Meneghini - Understanding the peer reviewed literature
  • Dr Joseph Longo MIKA Instrumentation
  • Dr Banks - Natural Motion Technology

Uni Compartmental

  • EPIK Uni Knee Surgical Technique
  • ICJR Live Surgery with EPIK Knee


  • Direct Anterior Approach - Hip Replacement
  • Revelation Hip Design Rationale
  • ICJR Live Surgery featuring Dr. Taunton - Direct Anterior Approach with the TaperFill Hip Stem
  • DJO DAA Surgical Technique
  • DAA Cadaveric Session with Dr. Garrison
  • Revelation Hip Surgical Technique
  • Anterolateral Approach in MIS Total Hip Arthroplasty – Dr Remia


  • Surgical X-alt Manufacturing


  • Discovery Elbow Surgery by Dr. Mighell
  • Discovery Elbow Surgery by Dr. Hasting