Giving More, Taking Less
The EPIK System is a versatile, reliable approach that gives a surgeon a more flexible Uni knee solution while...

The Foundation Total Hip System has been developed by enhancing proven design features and utilizing simplified instrumentation, thus providing a state-of-the-art system. The Foundation...

The CLP Total Hip System maximizes initial stability by its rectangular form and unique contour, allowing rapid osseointegration and helping ensure long-term success....

Developed in conjunction with Richard J. Friedman, MD FRCS (C) and Mark A. Frankle, MD, world-renowned authorities in shoulder reconstruction, the Foundation Shoulder System...

3D Matrix

DJO Surgical has chosen an innovative approach to an industry standard for porous coating on their implant. This coating consists of small, three-dimension (non-spherical)...

Movation and S.U.R.E. System

The Movation™ Total Knee Replacement is the next phase in the evolution of a strong history of congruent PS knee designs.


P², a new proprietary Titanium Porous coating by DJO Surgical, is the first porous porous coating in the world wherein the non-spherical bead itself...

Matched Point System

Enabling surgeons to preoperatively tailor shoulder arthroplasty to the patient’ unique anatomy.
Aim, Set, Matched™

Taperfill assembled

Optimized Tri-Taper™ design for enchanced stability in a short stem.

AltiVate - Side

Based on ten years of clinical data, the AltiVate Reverse is designed to fit more patients with more indications.

Discovery Elbow System
The Discovery® Elbow System features spherical condyles on the hinge to allow for increased articular surface contact.
Optivac - in package
Taking vacuum mixing to the next level